Absence of Blade, by Caitlin McKenna

Editorial Director for Anamesa Journal, Volume 14, Number 1

Senior NonFiction Editor for Anamesa Journal, Volume 13, Number 2

From Anamesa Journal, Volume 13, Number 1:
Design, Infiltrate, Liberate, by Isabella von Mühlen Brandalise
The Terra Complex, by Erin Rose Glass
On the Eating of Hearts and Tongues, by Peter Burzynski

From Anamesa Journal, Volume 12, Number 2:
Chupacabra, by Christian Aguiar

From the Fulbright Korea Infusion, Volume 6:
Relief in Yeomju: A Race to the Heated Seat, by Coleen Mayo
To My Students, To My Teachers, by Andrea Sohn and Jin Hyuk Yoon

From the Fulbright Korea Infusion, Volume 5:
Snapshots of a Tongue, by Ruth Williams
Pursuing Han, by Sandra K. Webster
Colonel Bogey Marches North
, by David B. Austell