Being a new author, I was extremely nervous about the whole process of editing and publishing my first book, Awakening, but Caitlin quickly made me feel at ease. At the time of first contact, I was interviewing her and another potential editor, and both asked me for 1000 words to sample edit. After receiving her initial edits, I knew immediately that Caitlin was the way to go! Not only did she suggest changes and offer suggestions for those changes, but in some instances, she did her own research to make sure that my information was accurate. I’m sure this is not a necessary step, and I truly appreciated the extra effort to ensure that my story was as perfect as it could be. Caitlin was very patient with me, and answered all my questions without hesitation. I enjoyed our phone conference and she constantly gave me helpful advice. The icing on the cake: I had a couple of friends “edit” the first drafts for me, and when they read the completed project, they commented on how the story flowed more smoothly and that my editor [Caitlin] did a fantastic job. I absolutely loved working with Caitlin, and would love for her to continue the Bloodline journey with me, if she’s open to it–I could see no one better fit to edit this story than her. I would 100% recommend Caitlin as an editor to those writing in the fantasy/paranormal genre.

Tiera Rice, author of Awakening: Bloodline Book 1

I am an active poet and writer with numerous publication credits. Caitlin worked closely with me on what is now one of my favorite short stories, “A Cabin in the Woods”, recently published in Anamesa. While the story had been through multiple workshops and writer’s group sessions, it was still missing something when it hit Caitlin’s desk. Her careful and creative editing suggestions made it into something I was proud to have published. It is always a little (a lot) scary for a writer (me) to trust his work to an editor, but one of Caitlin’s unique skills is to find the creative center the writer is speaking from, and to work from there. She really understands writers, and can help them leverage their own voices to the best possible effect. After working with her, I am convinced that the type of collaborative editing she provides is an essential component of the writing process.

-Ty Cronkhite, PhD candidate and English instructor at the University of New Mexico

Caitlin worked with me to edit and prepare my first science fiction short story, ‘The Closed System”, for publication in New York University’s Anamesa Journal. Caitlin’s edits and advice were invaluable at all levels: she identified many little mistakes and sharpened many of my sentences. She also advised me on how to deepen my story’s background to provide my characters with an added sense of purpose and place. Critically, Caitlin helped me expand my story’s content without adding unnecessary length and complexity.

While Caitlin’s edits and advice were significant, she was careful to maintain my voice throughout the piece. Her guidance on grammar, story structure and world-building emphasized my own writing style, and thanks to her edits my style came through strong and clear. Caitlin is professional, responsive and easy to work with. She is clearly able to empathize with and understand the unique interests and needs of fiction writers, particularly science fiction writers.

Scott Silsbe, NYU alumnus and author of “The Closed System”

Caitlin was a core member of my writing team when I managed content for the online ethnobotanical retailer Gaia’s Delights. She composed countless meticulously researched articles on the history and traditional and current uses of entheogenic plants from all over the world and provided valuable feedback and impeccable copy edits on hundreds of articles. Caitlin is reliable, communicative, and attentive to both the bigger picture and the minor details of any project she works on and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a collaborative editor for non-fiction works.

Anne Tara Szoztek, Web Support Consultant

Caitlin McKenna collaborated with me in developing a website for NYU ELL (English Language Learners) Think Tank. Throughout the process, Caitlin provided valuable feedback and creative suggestions and she successfully launched the site. I appreciated Caitlin’s follow through, her ongoing communication, and above all, her reliability. Her clients will know they have hired someone they can depend on and who will keep channels of communication open.

Rosa Pietanza, Master Teacher and Director of the ELL Think Tank at New York University’s Department of Teaching and Learning