Stories begin with a spark. It could be a transfixing image, or a question you can’t get out of your head. As writers it’s our job to nurture that spark into a flame, to protect and bring it to life over weeks, months, or years. The red-hot dedication you bring to your craft is the inspiration behind Scoria Press.

Scoria is a publisher, but it is also more than that. Think of us as an author services center: We are here to help you put out the best book you can write, and to give you the resources to make sure the hard work you put into your stories turns into long-term income. As writers ourselves, we understand the fire that drives you, and are committed to the idea that every author deserves to live on what they make. That’s why we don’t (and won’t) ask for rights or royalties.


Caitlin Demaris McKenna is the lead author, copyeditor, science fiction and fantasy specialist, and website designer at Scoria. After exhaustive research on the state of the publishing industry, she realized that her passion for writing and long-term career goals would be far better served through self-publishing than through a traditional publishing house. It didn’t take long for her to realize she could extend that self-sufficiency to other authors through the same kind of public platform she would want for herself, and so she founded Scoria.


Frank Matej Cernik, II is the lead developmental editor, and nonfiction, literary fiction, comedy, and horror specialist at Scoria. Most of his life has revolved around the bedrock of his love for the English language. He has studied its classics and teased out its inner workings by learning other languages. He spent two years teaching it on a Fulbright grant in South Korea. He’s also written a number of essay-length memoirs. By far most rewarding, however, has been to use those skills and understandings in the service of others. Frank joined Scoria in the belief that an editor should be a guide, not a gatekeeper. He loves helping people, especially helping writers at all stages of the creative process develop their work.