What makes a great book? Of course, most readers and writers will tell you that the best stories, whether fiction or nonfiction, start with a great concept: an interesting character, intriguing piece of history, or unique narrative voice. But, as you’ve likely heard, engaging and inspiring readers takes more than good ideas. It takes shaping and expressing those ideas through clear, evocative language. If your idea is the spine that supports your piece, think of the prose as the muscles and nerves, the flesh that gives your work life.

At Scoria Press, we nurture that spark. Taking your piece from the blank page to the final word is a long and often lonely process; it can be daunting to reopen that file and begin editing and reevaluating all your hard work. As writers ourselves, we understand. Whether you plan to seek publication with a traditional house or small press, or publish on your own, we will support you through every step of the editing process so you can submit or publish with confidence!

Services we offer include:

*Developmental Editing
*Line and Copy Editing
*Translation Cleanup
*Manuscript Evaluation
*Query Package Critique
*Marketing Copy Writing

See our Services page for a descriptive list of the services we offer, explore our site through the menu bar, or click the photos to find out more about us: